Plumbing & drainage

Plumber Repairing — Plumbing in Tolga, QLD
We provide high quality plumbing services throughout the entire tablelands region. Our skilled plumbers follow well-defined guidelines that standardise the quality of our service delivery. We specialise in a wide range of residential services including:
  • General maintenance and upkeep
  • Emergency Plumbing
  • Gas and electric hot water systems, including unit replacement
  • Bathroom, kitchen and laundry emergency plumbing
  • Dripping taps, leaking and blocked toilets
  • Water leak detection

Domestic Plumbing

At Hamilton Plumbers we have a very simple and functional approach to domestic plumbing that manages your entire system in two independent subsystems. The first subsystem is the fresh water inlet for all your residential purposes like drinking water, while the second subsystem is a wastewater outlet.
Our technical team devise an elaborate network of connections to ensure fresh water is accessible in all the necessary areas of the house and under suitable pressure. Our specialty in residential plumbing enables us to connect the two subsystems without disruption to the aesthetics of your home.

Water Leak Detection

The origin of serious water leaks are often difficult to determine, that’s why we educate you on how to detect them earlier, as soon as they start.
Our technicians have electronic water leak detection tools that guide them to the specific point of leakage, helping us locate and repair the leaks as quickly as possible. These techniques are non-invasive because they rely on special hearing aids and electronic signals and do not cause any property damage.

Hot Water Installations

Is your hot water system acting up? We can help. Get top-notch hot water installation in Tolga at affordable rates only from Hamilton Plumbers.
We specialise in electric hot water systems and will advise you on the best products on the market to save you overhead maintenance costs over the long term. We can supply a wide range of hot water systems and routine maintenance to ensure those systems serve you for many years. When you need urgent hot water system repairs, Hamilton Plumbers will be there as quickly as possible.

Drainage & Guttering

When it comes to installing, cleaning and repairing drains or gutters at your home, no one does a better job than us. Pipework and gutter systems have to be in good condition for them to work properly at your home or business.
Misalignment or corrosion of those systems due to rust from flooding internally or externally at your premises can cause substantial damage. Hamilton Plumbers now offer installation and maintenance of roof ventilation systems including whirly birds. Whirly Birds are the most recommended roof ventilation for modern businesses because they spin with even the slightest breeze.