Maintenance & renovations

Renovations — Plumbing in Tolga, QLD
We can work closely with your builders when it comes to plumbing and gas installations for new homes, that way we can ensure you get the best systems possible. Woking on a new home build means having all the right pipework and drainage systems installed from the very start for peak functionality.
We’ll consult with you every step of the process and will advise you on the ideal products and systems for the amenities you want. We can also discuss a maintenance schedule to keep your systems working effectively and efficiently over the longer term.
Hamilton Plumbers performs routine maintenance at affordable rates.


When you’re thinking about having renovations done on your property, contact us at Hamilton Plumbers first. Our experts can work with you and advise you right throughout the process of designing and installing the best possible plumbing solution for your property vision.
We are very strict on the quality of materials we use and will discuss this with you at the consultation and planning phases. We specialise in designing plumbing systems for kitchens, bathrooms and laundries and will help you choose the fittings most suitable for your design and purpose.
During renovations we can also replace or repair old piping systems in your home as needed.

New Homes

Hamilton Plumbers are the most accomplished experts when it comes to designing and installing a complete plumbing system from the ground up. When building a new home, plumbing and gas installation have to be precise in order to avoid setbacks in the construction process. Our technical team are experienced at working hand in hand with builders to produce exceptional outcomes.
We deal in all aspects of equipping newly built homes with drainage and all the necessary pipework. We review the entire framework for your house to determine that bathrooms, laundry and kitchens are fully functional.

Combustion Fireplace Installation

Having a fireplace and wood heater really complements a modern lifestyle especially during the cold season. Our plumbers deal with a variety of heaters including slow combustion heaters. A common mistake for most homeowners is opting for cheap installation of wood heaters which often results in non-compliance.
Hamilton Plumbers can connect all wood heaters and install fireplaces seamlessly at reasonable rates.


You simply cannot take any chances when considering roofing or re-roofing requirements. Our professional re-roofing services take the risk from our customers and apply the necessary parameters to ensure the outcome of the project is immaculate!
When you need a new roof, the qualified professionals at Hamilton Plumbers can advise you accordingly and can help you get the best products on the market at the best rates. Upgrading or repairing a section of your roof shouldn’t be a stressful affair. Our process for re-roofing is:
  • Uninstallation of the old roof
  • Ensuring the structure of the roof is upgraded
  • Improving the entire structure to fit cyclone standards
  • Re-installation process
  • Fitting gutters and gutter guards to prevent leaves from clogging gutters
  • Conducting maintenance practices to sustain the integrity of the new roof.