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Hamilton Plumbers is a locally owned family business that has consistently added value to the local community for over 15 years. Denis and Michelle took over the business back in 2004 and demonstrated a great commitment to taking the business to the next level.
Denis had a rich background in plumbing with more than 30 years in the industry, that background prepared him for his current position. His practical knowledge of the industry dates back to 1988. Denis and Michelle are confident in their roles and have maintained their focus on the bigger picture of their company vision. Their lengthy experience has been instrumental in mentoring a dedicated team who are taught to uphold the integrity and work ethic of the company.
Our love for Tolga and the surrounding areas means we have always looked for the best ways to make our mark in our community, to contribute in the most productive way. The relationships we have with the people in the local area are an integral aspect of our business and we are always thankful when they recommend our services to others.

Mission Statement


To strengthen the future of residential and commercial plumbing in Tolga by applying viable technological innovations, expertise and knowledge to our professional practice in a bid to make premium products and services accessible to all.

Meet Our Team


Hamilton Plumbers is comprised of a self-motivated team of four - Michelle, Denis and two apprentices Connor (their son) andJarryd. As a family entity, we strive to teach our younger generation the importance of integrating wholesome values in business and feeling genuine pride for solving problems in the community.
Hamilton Plumbers Business Priorities:
  1. Continued professional development for our staff to equip them with the necessary knowledge to make their skill set relevant to modern plumbing.
  2. Safety education for all working team members to ensure professional services delivered do not incur harm or damage to clients, their property or to themselves.
  3. Eco-friendly plumbing practices that leave a distinctive and positive mark on all premises using our services.
  4. High-quality plumbing services and products at prices that do not exploit our valued customers in any way.
  5. An open policy on information sharing with clients to ensure they become conscious about their plumbing systems and best practices to adopt in order to promote sustainability.
  6. Investing in the latest technology and equipment in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness when remedying emergency plumbing situations.